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Message from the Family

Loved By: Ayesha, Omar, Mom & Dad

"The Kitty was born April 24, 1998 and became a member of our family during the summer of 1998. Out of all the kittens in the group he was the only one that came up to the front and put his little paw on Mom. We knew right away he belonged with us and instantly fell in love. He was originally named Paws but never answered to that name. Mom had a particular way that she said "Kitty" so it stuck and that was the only name he responded to. He enjoyed being outside getting in touch with his inner wild cat and perusing the neighborhood but also enjoyed being inside with his family. Though he loved many foods, he especially loved Charley's Chicken. The Kitty was always an ambient presence regardless of whatever went on. He lived a healthy and robust life and was loved very dearly. Early 2018 he developed Chronic Kidney Disease and began to get very sick. His family made sure that he was taken care of and did everything they could to help him get better. He passed away on August 8, 2018 at 5:30 pm in Mom's arms. We will miss him being in all the usual spots he inhabited looking up and greeting you every single day and giving your life warmth. He's been with us for over 20 years and will be heavily missed by all of us. Love you, Kitty.